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2014 Participant Registration Begins March 1st 2014
Please take the time to fill out the form below. When you are ready, click on continue where you will be prompted to input your payment method.

First Name Last Name
Address Phone Number
City State Zip Cell Number
Shirt Size Email Address
Attended in 2012 Attended Before? Sleeping Arrangements
YesNo YesNo Barracks Camper* Tent*
* = Bring Your Own
Hunter Education Number Hunter Education Year (yyyy)
Schedule Class by Session    
To choose what your choices are for this years BOW, we ask that you look at the schedule to the right and then make your selections below.  Remember that you cannot take part in the same session more than once.  For example: If you choose Basic Archery for Session 2, you cannot choose Basic Archery for Session 3.  You also cannot use the same choice for each session.  For example: you cannot choose Backpacking for Session 1 First Choice, Second Choice, and Third Choice. You must indicate 3 separate choices per session.

Classes are subject to change due to enrollment numbers and instructor availability.

** = Basic Archery, Basic Shotgun, Muzzleloading, and Riflery/Handgun are only available to participants that have already taken the Hunter Education Program or sign up for Session 1 Firearms Safety.  If you have taken Hunter Education, please provide the Hunter Education Number and Year from your card.

Session 1 (Friday Evening)
Basket Weaving for Beginners
Fly Tying
Firearms Safety*
From Stick to Staff
Fish & Game Cleaning
Wild Habitat & Tracking
Personal Safety
Trapping & Fur Craft

Session 2 (Saturday Morning)
Basic Archery **
Basic Fishing
Basic Shotgun **
Outdoor Cooking
Survival 101
Fly Fishing
Basic Riflery and Handgun**
Intro to Small Hunting
Basic Canoeing

Session 3  (Saturday Afternoon)
Basic Archery**
Basic Shotgun
Fly Fishing
Advanced Fishing
Basic Riflery and Handgun**
Survival 101

Session 4 (Sunday Morning)
Tree ID
Intro to Turkey Hunting
Urban Chicken Farming
Gun Care and Cleaning
Orient Yourself Outdoors
Wild Edibles & Wildflowers
Trailer Handling
Backyard Habitat
Outdoor Cooking

Session 1 (Friday Evening) Session 2 (Saturday Morning)
First Choice First Choice
Second Choice Second Choice
Third Choice Third Choice
Session 3  (Saturday Afternoon) Session 4 (Sunday Morning)
First Choice First Choice
Second Choice Second Choice
Third Choice Third Choice
Once all your information has been entered above, please continue to the payment section of this form.  The registration fee is $185.00.


2014 Indiana Becoming an Outdoors-Woman
501(c)3 Non Profit Organization - Indiana, United States of America
Underwritten by the
Indiana Hunter Education Association: